MAIL-ORDER Demo request

How it works

1. Choose what Pallas model and size to try out* and fill out the form below at least 5 days ahead of your requested demo dates.
2. We’ll ship the board to your specified address.** Please keep the box and packing materials in which it was shipped.
3. Slide, slash, and send‘er for up to 4 days.
4. Clean, dry, and pack the board in its original box and send it back using the prepaid shipping label provided.
5a. If you decide to buy a Pallas after demoing, we’ll credit you the $100 demo fee toward the purchase of a new board. If you decide Pallas isn’t for you, we’ll refund your deposit, minus $100 for shipping & handling. 
5b. Want to demo additional Pallas boards? Great! Each demo fee thereafter is $100 but cannot be combined as a credit toward the purchase of a new board. 

Note: Demos are for boards only and skins on a case-by-case basis. Splitboard or snowboard binding demos not available.

*Based on availability. Only 1 demo board allowed at a time.
**Full deposit of the board required before shipping.

Demo request form

Demo request