Call in SICK

If you’re new to Pallas and you want to get a better feel for who we really are (or if you’re already a friend and want to see what we’ve been up to!) give yourselves a few undistracted minutes and check out ‘Call In Sick’. The edit features an all-women crew of our close friends, who have all shaped Pallas and continue to do so, including Rose Strouble, Sidney Garrido, Corinne Pasela, Erin Storck, and many others who snowboarded in the Wasatch, the Tetons, Alaska, Canada and wherever else they found a little snow and some inspiration. And, while they were at it, were prototyping the next generation of Pallas snowboards and splitboards including a refresh of the Zeitgeist, and the new twin-tip, The Oversoul. The deeper you get into snowboarding, the more you have the opportunity to fall in love with all aspects of it, and Call In Sick packs a lot in. In no particular order we’ve captured; resort hot laps; spring-time jibs; lift-accessed backcountry; big exposed lines in Alaska; summertime tours wearing flip-flops on the approach; a mid-winter powder odyssey to a remote range in a faraway land (…Canada); quiet mid-week afternoons meadow-skipping in deep snow, with no-one around but your friends after you, literally, called-in sick; and more. The list feels endless.

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Riders: Corinne Pasela and Rose Struble
Photos: Willy Nevins

Riders: Rose Struble, Sam Crow, Sid Garrido
Photos: Willy Nevins

Rider: Erin Storck
Photos: Dillon Vesper