Pallas Snowboards | Award-winning snowboards and splitboards, forged with love by women.Pallas Snowboards | Award-winning snowboards and splitboards, forged with love by women.

Rule your mountain.

Premium snowboards & splitboards, designed for the path less traveled.

Try it before you buy it

We understand we can't be everywhere to everyone. That's why we offer mail order snowboard demos in the contiguous United States so you can ride a Pallas on your own terms before committing to it. Ready to take one for a spin?

Celebrate the relentless progession of snowboarding with Pallas Snowboards, designed with love by women.
Rule your mountain
Explore deeper. Live bigger.
Here’s to seeking the unexpected, the unbeaten
path, and the untamed places you've never been.
Because when you stand at the edge of your comfort
zone, you live on top of the world. We’ve been
building high-performance splitboards and
snowboards since 2013, pushing the creativity of
snowboard design and celebrating the relentless
progression of riding. And we invite you to come
along for the ride.
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Winter 21.22
Collection overview
Freestyle or freeride. Chairlifts or skin tracks.
We make snowboards to explore the
mountain however you carve it. Explore our
21-22 Solstice Collection and get to know all
the Pallas models, available in both
splitboards and snowboards.
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Our award-winning, all-terrain snowboard
that shreds every pocket of the mountain
in a wide range of conditions for riders
seeking perpetual progression.
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Powder & carving
Our surfy, micro-swallowtail snowboard
for riders craving ultimate freedom on a
powder day and requiring maximum
versatility from a specialty shape.
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Freeride twin
Our hard-charging, all-mountain twin
for riders that see the mountain as a
giant playground and plow through fast,
unpredictable snow conditions.
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