An image of a snowboarder jibbing an orange abandoned chairlift terminal on the Pallas Hedonist snowboard. Line drawing illustrations from the new Arcana Collection are layered on top of the photo.
Explore the unknown.

The Arcana Collection

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We understand we can't be everywhere to everyone. That's why we offer online snowboard demos in the Lower 48 United States so you can ride a Pallas on your own terms before committing to one. Ready to take one for a spin?
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Image of a woman transitioning her Pallas splitboard into ski mode and gearing up in the parking lot before venturing into the backcountry.
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Image of a snowboarder strapping into their bindings on their Pallas Hedonist snowboard before descending. The tail of the board is above the snow, showing the Pallas logo on the base.
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Two women wearing respirator masks and laying down a piece of epoxy-covered fiberglass onto a snowboard being built at the Pallas Snowboards workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Explore Deeper. Live Bigger.
Here’s to seeking the unexpected, the unbeaten
path, and the untamed places you've never been.
Because when you stand at the edge of your comfort
zone, you live on top of the world. We’ve been
designing high-performance splitboards and
snowboards since 2013, pushing the creativity of
snowboard design and celebrating the relentless
progression of riding. And we invite you to come
along for the ride.
Image of a woman standing on top of a snowy hill dressed in winter snowboard gear, holding her Pallas Epiphany snowboard and looking at the camera.
The Arcana Collection
From legends and lore buried in the mountains
to everyday mysteries of life, the new Arcana Collection is
rooted in the transformative secrets of alchemy. Do you
embrace the unknown or stick to what you know?
Only you can make that choice. Take the leap and see
just how deep you'll go this winter.
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An image of the Pallas Oversoul freestyle snowboard from the Arcana Collection, featuring an asymmetrical tip and tail shape but with a twin tip profile. An extra row of inserts is included for a better stance setup in powder conditions.
Our new freestyle multi-tool that's
lightning fast from edge to edge
for playful park sessions, creative
side hits and easy-riding groomers.
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An image of the Pallas Epiphany all mountain directional splitboard from the Arcana Collection. The Pallas Epiphany model is available in a snowboard and comes in two splitboard versions.
Our award-winning, all-terrain snowboard
that shreds every pocket of the mountain
in a wide range of conditions for riders
seeking perpetual progression.
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An image of the Pallas Hedonist twin tip all mountain freeride snowboard from the Arcana Collection. The Pallas Hedonist model is available in both a snowboard and splitboard.
Powder & carving
Our surfy, micro-swallowtail snowboard
for riders craving effortless float on a
powder day and demanding more
versatility from a specialty shape.
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Freeride twin
Our high-energy, all-mountain twin
for riders that see the mountain as a
giant playground and plow through fast,
unpredictable snow conditions.
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3-year warranty

Image of a row of Pallas snowboards displayed under a tent at an on-snow demo event at a ski area. The bases are bright and colorful and show multiple versions of the Pallas logo.
Try it before you buy it
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Buying new gear comes with lots of questions. Visit a Pallas dealer near you to demo a board in store. No dealer in your area? Check out our online snowboard demo program and test a Pallas on your own terms before committing to it.
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