Discover the
Arcana Collection

Free Your Spirit, Explore the Unknown

Mysteries surround us. From the legends and lore buried in the mountains to the questions within our everyday lives, the Arcana Collection unveils ideas that alter the perception of our realities. 

Latin for “secrets,” arcana (ar-KAY-na) was a word often used among alchemists during a time when the Dark Ages gave way to the Renaissance — when unconventional ideals and experiments were subjected to heavy scrutiny and rethinking.

Mysteries have always had a way of shaking up the status quo. They stimulate our imagination, defy our basic reasoning and inspire us to let our thoughts wander. They may not always be rooted in reality. But they hold insights that help us make sense of the world.

For us, arcana shapes our approach to the mountains, and it’s a question we pose to you: do you embrace the unknown or stick to what you know? Only you can make that choice. Join us as we explore the details behind the Arcana Collection by Pallas Snowboards.

Inside the Arcana Artwork

Exploring the Dark

In alchemy, black represents chaos. The unknown. For some, the unknown feels like fear. For others, it’s a chance to explore parts of ourselves that we hide from the world and awaken our truest selves. It’s a primitive base we all start from. 

Coloring Our Perspective

Alchemists long searched for ways to transform base metals into precious metals using the laws of nature and early scientific knowledge. While alchemists never did turn sand into gold, alchemy led to numerous scientific discoveries, like distillation and sublimation, that have defined our understanding of modern-day chemistry — and even influenced the snowboard industry’s method for printing graphics onto boards. The metallic colors (and their respective oxidized states) on each Arcana model represent our ancient connection to alchemy and the spiritual transformation we experience when we snowboard.

Rewilding Our Imagination

Mythical, imaginary creatures indulge our fears of the wild and desires for the weird. These creatures question what we’re taught to believe and remind us that with enough time and progression, anything is possible.