Pallas Celebrates 10 Years

The last 10 years have been beautiful. We’ve learnt how to design and build snowboards for women. We’ve made friends. We’ve travelled around and snowboarded in some beautiful places. We’ve hooted, hollered, cried and laughed. We’ve felt euphoria, pain, fatigue and love. The list of ways in which our lives have been enriched by Pallas, and by which we hope we’ve enriched the lives of many of the people who follow is, is endless.

And feeling endless is kinda the point. Getting out and snowboarding is not about keeping a tally on social media, it’s about using snowboarding to create meaningful experiences and treasured memories, which has a way of stretching time and drawing out all our lives. It’s not about the ‘gram, but keeping alive those moments of joy, of unguarded friendship when, even if for a fleeting second, you made something beautiful on a snowboard. Recording and sharing those moments with your friends can be really fun (which is why we’ve captured the last 10 years in this video edit). Or, you know, you could also just go snowboard.

One thing to know, a lot of the riding you see from Pallas, and in these video edits, relies on splitboarding. Riding at the resort will make you a snowboarder but splitboarding will make you a better, deeper, snowboarder. With acquiring new gear, learning an entirely new skillset on how to be safe, and building a crew of people you trust, splitboarding takes work. But, here at Pallas we’ve seen women really take backcountry snowboarding into their own hands. Regardless if you’re a backcountry noob or a long-term splitboarder, Pallas Snowboards and our friends including Sisters in Split and Artemis Snowboarding are here to try and open backcountry snowboarding more to women.

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