Eating and Drinking for Energy
Climbing mountains is hard work and being dehydrated or under-fueled can make it even harder. Reassess your winter nutrition plan with Sam Crow, health coach and Pallas Snowboards team rider.
Pre-Winter Snowboard Training Plan
From spinning laps at your home resort to venturing into the backcountry, get your body ready to shreddy with fitness tips from Erin Storck, personal trainer and Pallas Snowboards team rider.
Unspoken Rules of the Backcountry
Tips for making a smooth, safe and manageable transition from lift-powered snowboarding to lung-powered splitboarding, from Pallas Snowboards team rider Lexie Anderson.
DIY Budget Medical Kit for Backcountry Snowboarding
Build your own DIY medical and emergency kit, with pro tips from Dani Young, Emergency Medical RN and Pallas Snowboards team rider.
Shifting Perspectives
ACMG splitboard guide Christine Feleki reflects on what it means to own her successes, grow from her failures, and change the narrative of women leaders in the backcountry.