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Get so many compliments on my board.

This thing rips!

If you’re thinking about getting the Epiphany... Get it! I had no trouble at all riding it for the first time in some crusty spring snow, and was honestly surprised how well it handled- It’s light, crazy easy to turn, and was sooper stable. Was a little clumsy going from 2 planks to 1 on the mountain, but I’m sure a little practice will sort that out. This board is rad. The company is rad. And 1000% you’re gonna have a rad time.

Board is a dream

I use a hardboot setup and this board was a dream skinning up and a dream snowboarding down. Super awesome in those tight exits as well!


Demoed this board at Crystal Mountain. The climb up was smooth and easy. The board is light and easy to carry around. Rode on the way down on a variety of conditions (pretty icy) and it felt like a board I have had for years. I felt confident executing my turns even though it was my first time riding it. My only problem with it was in transition there was ice stuck between the clips and it made transitioning a bit hard.

Best split I have ridden!

This board is amazing! I really cant stop thinking or talking about it. She loves to charge and make big swooping turns. But don't get me wrong, she does great in the tight trees and exits too. Floats in the pow, fast on the zipper snow! I feel comfortable like on do on a solid board. Light and stable for all the hours spent going up hill too. So psyched that I want it in a solid too!

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