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I ride alllll the terrain with this- it has kept me upright reg and switch in thigh deep PNW “powder” way off the beaten path (I set the binders back that day), smashes through the chunder and afternoon garbage groomers inside the resort, and seems to be stable enough to keep up with quicker tree turns- at least so far :) All around awesome and board. I demoed a bunch of random brands and boards before settling on this one. With many of the other boards I tried I just felt like I was gonna break them... the hedonist has been able to keep up and upright
ALSO- early season this year I just kept trying to destroy it with rocks and random drops but still no damage to it anywhere despite my pre-season persistence.
Setup: Inside the resort I ride a wiiide centered ducky stance most days with great success- it is a true twin after all, right?
If I’m riding deeper snow and doing some hiking I usually set my back foot at 5 or 10 at the most, bring em together a hint closer and set the whole thing back toward the tail. That has worked great for me this year! I hope this helps anyone looking to purchase one of these sexy beasts.


First thing that struck me, the beauty. My eyes tore this thing apart looking for imperfections. The quality of this board is unreal. Shows you that you 1000% need to stay away from factory made boards. Nothing compares to the blood, sweat and rad-ass craftsmanship they’ve done.
The second thing, ITS SO LIGHT.
Makes carrying this thing from the miles and miles of parking to the slopes such a breeze. Digging myself out of the powder isn’t as miserable because I don’t have to deadlift a giant dinosaur of a board.
Third and most important...

It blazes. Just smooth crispy ride like driving in a BUICK.

Can’t say enough about this board, can’t wait to live a long happy life with it.

Thanks guys!

Thanks so much for sharing the stoke, Tasha! We are thrilled you're getting to know its capabilities and finding a rhythm and flow to the board. We do want to mention that most of our boards are made in a factory. We still do (and still love) building new prototypes and testing new shapes from our workshop in SLC, though. Once we nail a design and recipe in SLC, our factory partner steps in and brings them to life. This way, our boards are affordable and quality is consistent. But we'll forever keep tinkering on boards from Utah, one small batch at a time.


This board rips. I come from a park background so I love the park feel this true twin gives me while being able to actually carve through chunder, at speed, without exploding. It’s traditional camber and medium stiff flex make it responsive but still playful enough to spin and ride the mountain creatively. I also own it in a splitboard and all the same rules apply there as well.


Fantastic all mountain board. It’s super fast and responsive over bumps and crud. It’s the best snowboard I’ve ever owned. I can’t wait to try a splitboard.

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