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I'm obsessed with this splitboard! First of all, it's well constructed and easy to breakdown/set up. But most of all, it floats through deep powder like a charm. It's by far the best powder board I've owned! As some other reviewers noted, it's very responsive, making it suitable for trees and more open terrain. Plus, it's absolutely gorgeous. I love how well thought out it is with the cut out in the tail. It really gives your back leg a little break. Highly highly recommend!!

Great splitboard!

I have been a fan of splits with shorter tails for a while now and this is my favorite. I tend to be a teensy bit clumsy, so having less tail to maneuver on the skin track is really appealing to me. Sometimes with a shorter board you sacrifice float or stability but neither of those have been an issue for me. This board seriously floats. I have taken it out on deeper days and zipper crust days and I have never had an issue with the nose diving. Like another reviewer said, the short tail with the swallowtail makes it is super maneuverable in tight trees and you get more of a surfy feel. This is my go-to for powder, trees, meadows, basically 90% of the touring I do. If you are more into peak-bagging/billygoating or suuuper steeps, I would probably go with the Epiphany Split (I have the Epiphany Solid as my daily driver resort board).


Finally got to take my 19/20 Zeitgeist out into the backcountry of the San Juans. Riding in pow is like a dream. The swallowtail allows it to float nicely and it’s surfy feel adds to the fun. It also does well on the skin track, but finding skins that work with its unique shape is tricky. This board is also a total head turner! I’ve been asked a bunch of questions about it and it’s lead to some great conversation. I would highly recommend this versitale board.

Nice powder floating board

This board is so great for big powder days. It floats like a charm. Very quick respond on the turns, it makes it really easy to stir it around especially in the trees.
Flexible, light and super fun ride.

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