Image of a row of Pallas snowboards displayed under a tent at an on-snow demo event at a ski area. The bases are bright and colorful and show multiple versions of the Pallas logo.
Snowboards + Splitboards

Mail Order Demo Program

Demo on Your Own Terms

Ride and decide on your own terms, on your own turf. We offer mail-order snowboard and splitboard demos, delivered to your door, so you know what to expect when making an investment in your gear.

Snowboards are an investment, and the gear you choose can make or break your experience on the mountain. That’s why we highly suggest demoing a board before you buy: to make sure it’s the right fit for YOU. If you live in the Lower 48 and can’t attend a Pallas demo in person, we offer a mail order demo program so you can ride and decide on your own turf at your own pace.

**We will resume the mail order demo program in mid December. Please check back soon for program details and reservations.**