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Epiphany Splitboard

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Shaper's Notes

Our 4-season workhorse is designed to grow with your skills…then push them even further. From low-angle pow to complex lines, we built the Epiphany splitboard to be ultra efficient on the uptrack as much as the down.

Voted Editor's Choice by Backcountry Magazine 20-21 Gear Guide.


Epiphany Splitboard

Design Notes

• Stable and smooth at high speeds and upon landing.
• Tapered profile is quick and responsive when turning.
• Flat camber between feet smooths out the edge-to-edge, especially in variable snow.
• Blunt nose floats in a variety of snow conditions and terrain.
• Reference stance: center for variable snow; back 1-2” on deep days.
•3-year limited warranty against workmanship and materials.
• Volume shift sizing: size down 2-3 cm from normal length.
• Imported.

Board Specs

Size (cm) 147 151 155
Running length 110.3 113.1 115.5
Sidecut 760 790 810
Nose length 20.4 20.8 21.2
Tail length 15.9 16.3 16.7
Nose width 28.9 29.4 29.8
Tail width 27.9 28.2 28.6
Waist width 24.4 24.7 25.1
Stance setback 1.9 1.9 1.9
Weight 6 lb 4 oz 6 lb 8 oz 7 lb 0 oz

Epiphany Splitboard Size Chart

Board size 147 151 155
Weight range (lbs / kg) 115–145 / 52–66 135–175 / 61–79 150–190 / 68–86
Boot size (Women’s US / Euro ) 6–8 / 37–39.5 7–9 / 38–41 8–11 / 39.5–43
Board waist width 24.4 cm 24.7 cm 25.1 cm
Recommended binding size XS/S, S/M S/M S/M, M/L

Backcountry Basics Construction

All Pallas splitboards are built with our Backcountry Basics Construction for optimized performance in the backcountry.

• Textured topsheet reduces snow buildup
• Bright base colors for improved visibility
• Flat touring camber provides maximum traction on skintrack
• Optimized touring position improves kick turns
• Low-profile Spark hooks and clips

Board Profile




All-mountain, freeride, powder

Snow conditions

Powder, variable, soft, slush, firm

Riding style

Adventurous, progressive, exploratory




Microwave [early rise in nose, micro camber under foot, flat in middle]



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
R.M. (Reno, US)
Great board, terrible clip hardware design

I love this board in the backcountry. I ride a 151 in resort, and sized up to 155 for the backcountry and am happy with the results. It's sturdy and fun and manageable in any conditions. I also love supporting a bad ass female-founded business.

My one large complaint is the clips used to transition from skis to board. IMO they are a terrible design and make for difficult transitions. Snow and ice can get stuck around the top and bottom clip, making it difficult to slide into position, while also needing to keep the center clips in line and snapping into place. I've upgraded and customize to use the Karakoram clips and they are much better. Use Karakoram clips in your future iterations!

Thanks for the thoughtful, honest review, Roxanne! I'm not sure which clips were originally installed on your board, but it sounds like they may have been the Phantom clips. We have been phasing those out and migrating towards Spark clips because of similar reasons. However, due to supply chain issues in Winter 21-22, we used a combination of Spark and Phantom clips. We are working to fully migrate to Spark for Winter 22-23.

No matter which brand of hardware you use, ice buildup is always a reality. I do recommend that you add a small ice scraper into your gear list for this exact reason and keep it stored in your jacket pocket at all times, so it's always ready when you need it. This $2 piece of plastic is incredibly effective in getting your board back together.

Andree-Anne Cloutier (Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, CA)
Stooooke !

Waw, this board is amazing at so many levels ! Liteweight and stable to skin uphill ! Smooth and responsive to ride in whatever snow conditions... I feel realy confident to go explore anywhere with this splitboard..
So great to see a company ruled by such a group of baddas womens with nice values :)

Tyese Messerman (Bend, US)
Epic Board

This board is fantastic. It loves to charge and I've used it in all conditions and it rocks! It plows through heavy snow easily, it loves pow, and held a good edge on some icy windblown conditions too. I'm really impressed with the top sheet material as well. All my other friends boards (bought around the same time) have chips all over and this thing has yet to have a chip on its topsheet, and that is not because I'm not using it hard! Crazy durable. Highly recommend this board!

KW (Durango, US)
This thing rips!

If you’re thinking about getting the Epiphany... Get it! I had no trouble at all riding it for the first time in some crusty spring snow, and was honestly surprised how well it handled- It’s light, crazy easy to turn, and was sooper stable. Was a little clumsy going from 2 planks to 1 on the mountain, but I’m sure a little practice will sort that out. This board is rad. The company is rad. And 1000% you’re gonna have a rad time.

Lita Cho
Board is a dream

I use a hardboot setup and this board was a dream skinning up and a dream snowboarding down. Super awesome in those tight exits as well!