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Best split I have ridden!

This board is amazing! I really cant stop thinking or talking about it. She loves to charge and make big swooping turns. But don't get me wrong, she does great in the tight trees and exits too. Floats in the pow, fast on the zipper snow! I feel comfortable like on do on a solid board. Light and stable for all the hours spent going up hill too. So psyched that I want it in a solid too!


I was a female splitboard tester a few years ago for Backcountry mag so I’ve ridden a plethora of splitboards.

AND MAAAAAAN. Wow, already in love with this board. It is 2cm bigger then my last split which I was nervous about since I exist at a mere 5’. But it feels smaller at all the right times and longer at all the right times. It was stable, light, edgy and easy to climb with even on some slippery switchback turns. Then riding with it in some really light pow was SO MUCH FUN. It felt poppy and flexible but also stable and stiff and the nose felt so good, lighter and fluid. It was responsive on my turns. I didn’t feel like I had to lean back super super hard, the board just kind of naturally has a nose lift. I was at Baker and did a sunrise tour then had the opportunity to ride the resort and hike the Arm and Hemispheres. I didn’t have my solid with me so I said whatever and took this baby on the resort. Did not regret it one bit. I rode it on the resort and could hardly tell I was on a split board, held all the carves and turns and through that choppy stuff then it obviously killed in pow on the Arm and Hemi.

I just have all the good things to say. It got me so hyped on splitboarding again and to take it out more. I feel really confident with it already and trust that it will get me through mellow and hairy conditions and technical lines!

On top of incredible board construction, Steph is an iconic, quality female. This only makes it better when people ask about this board/Pallas, ‘Yeah it’s a female owned company and founded by such a rad human/woman who created this masterpiece.’

Stoked is an understatement. Blown away by the ride on this baby, dreaming of when I get to take it out again. 🤍

Wicked Board & Amazing Customer Service

I LOVE my new Epiphany Splitboard. It rides like a dream; surfy on pow and responsive in the trees! Can't wait to clock some more hours in the backcountry! Also, huge shout out to Steph for being a legend in the customer service department! I recommend everyone upgrades to a Pallas board!

Handle anything, stable at speed, one board quiver

I have ridden a lot of different splitboards in my day and it feels like this one was designed just for me! This board can handle anything. It’s the splitboard of a splitboard mountaineer girls dreams.
Pow, crust, ice, mank it can do it all. Not to mention that my split skiing game has improved substantially since I started riding this beaut.
Highly recommend!!!!!

I'll never ride anything else

My best friend in the backcountry. Light on my feet on the skinner, great traction underfoot. Cuts through crust and also perfect float in powder- maximum control through the trees. Poppy and playful, this board gives you lots of confidence to hit anything you want.
Its so great that I've been riding it inbounds too- it absolutely slays on a groomer.
And, it's pretty AF.

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